" holding on "


time spans and the world twirls silently through outer space. we rest ourselves on the surface of the planet, chest down, face to the side. we're breathing in its breath, taking in it's energies, and riding its wavelengths.

i am alone on top of a wide ridge. the heaving cliffs descend before me, and the wind unfurls its long fingers upon my person. i'm crouching on the rocky formation thinking good thoughts.

there is a wild whipping whisper whistling past and into my ears, and i think about how i miss the quiet calm of a nighttime conversation in close proximity.

my thoughts turn to the sun, my heart turns to the moon. i'm resting on the crags and the shallow jutting contours. i'm thinking of you. i'm thinking of you. the winds die down for just a moment, before kicking up brusquely, and i'm on my way once again.

tonight's homework:

pull up good memories to the fore, to help you get through hard times. include others into and share your memories.