" soul brush "


cleaning my room after a couple months of things piling up.

leaves of papers fluttering just above the level of the low pile carpet. trinkets scattered here and there, placed just so. strategically laid out piles of clothing in various locations on the floor, none of them discernible separate piles of miscellaneous cloth.

 with some focus, calm, and a sense of purpose, i can see the finished scene in my mind. such intent, such clarity through optimistic glasses. i can see it.

eventually after 3 hours, dust bunnies were corralled, surfaces were cleared, apparel was organized, and the space opened up like a luminous blossom. there is great satisfaction and wisdom gained from spending the time.

your whole world can change in the span of a few hours. it up to you in which manner the change will manifest.

tonight's homework:

laugh out loud, so much and so loud, that they kick you out of the place.