" purgatory tea time "


there's never any harm is asking. i would like to think that everyone has a heart, a sense of reason, of good and bad, of fairness. you never really know what the score is, until you get the full story. or in the least a wider purview.

the desire to be known, to be understood...it was so simple as a child. you hurt, or was joyful, or didn't have a proper amount of words or experience to know what you were feeling. it may have been the first time your brain made connections such as this. adulthood echoes these desires.

we yearn for understanding when we are not completely ourselves, forgiveness when in need of forgiving, and love throughout. not all will arrive at once. some fleeting in long absences, but we find our resolve, and remain hopeful for better days.

when they arrive, and in whatever form they take, be gracious. be humble, open, honest, true to your word. entire worlds open up when you are open to them. you learn more about our existence, and the others who share in the experience.

tonight's homework:

give someone the benefit of the doubt. you may not like them in the moment, but you do not know their life, struggle, or place in the world. put love and understanding out there, and cast aside ire, impatience, frustration, and grudges.