" whispers and hushes "


we're floating through the crowd at ten minutes, and no one is paying any attention. we are everyone, we are no one.

the slow pace, just indulgent unobtrusive observation, and the decadence of simple pleasures. when i roam through the aisles, through the hallways, through the upper tiers, i am invisible.

murmurs and chattering conversations all looping in sonic waves, only cut but an occasional cackle, cry, or outburst. the scene is set, on stage and off.

as the lights dim and the light fixtures float up into their recesses, all eyes pan forward and tilt slightly up towards the stage. they all glisten in the darkness, shimmering like distant star-fields.

tonight's homework:

shower properly, and sing a song as well. hit every high note, and really clean thoroughly every nook and cranny.