" amidst cosmic dust "


it's cold out there in the universe.

though mostly dark, vast, and silent, so any beautiful things are happening right now. such immense reactions, explosions, collisions, mergings, rays, radiation, solar winds. at times, the knowledge of this is immeasurable and overwhelming.

this reality allows my to remain open to possibilities, take chances on myself, and reduce the level of ire, complacency, and any activity which wastes time in any way.

though not always present in my mind, remaining alert and awoken is a lovely way to experience all that life has to offer. it's taking the time to appreciate the greatest of all experiences, in tiny meaningful increments, which adds such color and texture to this life.

the fact that we are amongst these interstellar occurrences sometimes allows me to redefine just how massive the big picture is. it allows me to forgive more and more readily.

it allows me to remember to appreciate every detail in every moment which passes through the day, any day, all days.

tonight's homework:

slow down. take a look around. breathe it all in. count your lucky stars. eat some fruit.