" all winters thaw "


we're building bridges here. gather up the materials and the proper plans, which have been detailed and drawn to spec. once we begin the process of even entertaining this construction, it requires a lot of things.

heart, knowhow, algorithms, strength of will, strength of character. this bridge is not a completely unique design, but then again, some classic designs with a modern finish are just what we need to inch forward every millenia.

one foot in front of another, one humbled moment over a prideful one, one door opens up to reveal so much more beauty and benefit, than to have the same door remain closed tightly.

we are giving up the habit of turning away and inward from opportunity. we are facing one another now. we are making leaps and bounds occur within a short span of time.

we are now connected.

tonight's homework:

make an effort to get to know someone beyond the pleasantries and the filler. we are all a collection of the most fascinating stories, and it would be a shame to leave any chapter unread.