" functional alchemy "


it takes a little bit of time and a lot of failures to find a true alignment. metals, alloys, ingredients for a symbiosis. we scuttled out of a muddy goop and proclaimed our desires to the air, to the land, to the gods, to the stars, "we are here, we have dreams and hopes, we deserve a chance!"

a balance is hard to find if you don't have any give either way. things out of calibration often result in broken hearts, missed trains, unexpected meetings, and dashed promises of being there.

but there is great hope in the resilience of tenacity. you must see your way through the dark times, through the difficulties, and strive for that greatness you wish to see and exist within in your life.

it takes a little bit of patience and a leap of faith in beautiful outcomes. when they happen, the world around you opens wide, and the galaxies blush in the distance at your achievements.

tonight's homework:

find someone who makes you laugh, and find a form of a true love.