" between the seams "


it is not at all easy to clearly define two sides of an argument. emotion, frustrations, perspective, and a sense of what is ultimately "true" gets all jumbled and mottled in the creases.

when you build up for yourself these truths until they become cliffs' edges, vast and solidified along a canyon of misalignment, it becomes increasingly strained to believe that anything but an eventual fall into this gorge for one party is anything but inevitable.

but we persevere at times, when understanding and moving forward is the only option at hand. when we find ourselves yearning not only for the understanding, but for the sweet release of that tight wrought fury.

we seek a conversation rather than argument, seeing eye to eye, heart to heart, one to another. to build a bridge and bring together these rough hewn bitternesses; to heal and lay bare our desires for a return to a deeper sense of beauty.

tonight's homework:

the full eight hours of sleep, and a glass of water before going to bed. don't forget to finish doing or pick up your laundry. it's time to get it together.