" the sweetest escapes inward "


would you have known such joy by the look, taste, smell, or touch?

the feeling of the afternoon weighing heavy, looming and lingering like a cloak in a closet, and how time slows down to the most delicious crawl.

no one wants to suffer fools, so we put up our collective defences, with all crosshairs sighted, and we check our wristwatches for the signal.

the curtain comes down, we all realize our mortality, and the light scatters and returns as if the jeweled prism of my dreams is now manifest, and reality tinges of the infinite.

tonight's homework:

know your comfort zone, but attempt to use your knowledge of something(s) to sustain you up to the edge of recall. be humble and thankful. no one likes to be wrong, but there are certain sacrifices to being right.