" a clamor and a tremble "


the tunnels are quest tonight. low rumbles in the distance; must have just missed the train. i detest just missing the train, but what are you going to do? nothing to do. just wait, just be patient.

there's no wi-fi down here, yet. of course it would be that there's no wi-fi down here at this particular station. just my luck, right? ahh, whatever. should have brought a book.

that guy over there looks cold. it's hot down here, and he looks cold. all bundled up like he didn't check the weather this morning. people are strange sometimes, especially here. here, everyone is a clichΓ© of someone else who is inspired by another and on and on and on.

getting hungry. should have packed a snack. an apple or a handful of crackers, nuts or dried fruit, even a bottle of water. what's wrong with me? i can hear the tunnel screeching and coming back to life.

everything is getting so loud, but we'll always have the calm times. we'll always have the rumbles and the din.

tonight's homework:

be wise, not a wiseguy.