" people are a mirror "


you see yourself in other people's eyes. the soundtrack begins to play in your mind, and the music swells in your heart.

this is not a stage-play or a rehearsal; this is the time where things happen as they happen, and all the repercussions of real life resound long afterward.

when you err or falter, there is no cutaway or fade to black. we live by our truths and exist in a timespace where there are consequences to our actions, both the good and the bad.

but in those times where second chances are struck rough like a hot stake on an anvil, all happiness peals brightly through your heart, lifting you up and through the stratosphere.

there is no higher joy, and no deeper pleasure than that happiness in that moment, extending through time forever onward.

tonight's homework:

take care the order of your words, take care to use your words.