" tuning fork "


taking in the sun full to the soul, the energy transmitting from a celestial body, down through the soundless void of outer space, through the atmosphere, through the clouds, straight into your cells.

running through the dark through a field through the winds and through the night air, fresh, your lungs are aching, your legs are burning, you are flying, you are joyous, you are free.

later in the season, a crisp afternoon walk through the streets, through the park, through the city, finding yourself immersed in of and between other people, other places, other experiences, and how good it feels to exist in the moment, to have a loose destination, and to have time flex and bend to your will, which deems what is important when.

heartstrings strummed in the shape of a beautiful warm chord progression, attraction mounting, face full flush with twitterpated pheremone-induced fevers plural, swooning, swaying, sinking into open arms, open mouths, singing voices, a melody which finds its harmony in the bones.

tonight's homework:

write it down, it couldn't hurt, and it's better than losing the thought later on account of fool's pride.