" along the edges "


right about now this time of the year, i feel ready for a transition. growing up, i never was beholden to the seasons properly. there was a season of temperate warmth and winds, one of cooler climes with fog, and one of scattered showers. occasionally we had an "indian summer" which usually lasted two weeks at the most, but even then, nothing you could describe as a season.

so in living on the east coast now leading up to my tenth year, i feel like i'm developing more and more, the expectation of change. it ramps up in my subconsciousness, and manifests in this ancy wiggling niggling itch-needing-to-be-scratched.

for anyone who has been a successful transplant from the west coast to the east, perhaps this is not something you are unaccustomed to. i find it perfect for my personality; i love to make grand strides and broad gestures of creativity and whimsy.

better yet, marking a season allows me to break down the year in manageable pieces. emotional sections of existing whereby i may plan out a potential shift not only in the weather, but mood and temperament as well. still curious after so many years embedded in such a climate, that i still haven't gotten entirely used to it.

tonight's homework:

up to the cusp, and back again. keep the energy up, and the thoughts free from worry.