" careful came the few "


we were in desolation wilderness, a protected area in eldorado county, california outside of lake tahoe. dusk fell like a soft shadow across the exposed rock and craggy surfaces.

our bodies were tired but held the strength of youth, of vigor, of exploration, and of camaraderie. dust billowed as our boots scuffed up the low shorelines.

just a group of pathfinders out of the city, out of the cradle of homes, and out amongst the granite peaks. our eyes turned a shade of colors i had never seen before. looking out onto the open waters of the black lake, our spirits roused.

quiet at first, we looked out and deeply observed. the winds whispered through evergreen branches. local waterfowl skimmed the glass surface, intermittently kicking up splashes with their talons. we waited, we watched, we saw ourselves in the shape of the natural world.

in a fit of collective understanding, all of us embraced our primal instincts, and charged the lake. i shed my clothing down to my skivvies, and ran a few feet into the pebbled bed. leaping above the waterline and diving into in a long lunge, my body pierced the threshold, and cool dark waters caressed my skin.

the feeling of balance, of solace and comfort swelled all around me. such an enveloping and loving sensation. coming up for air, i saw the others cheering and howling. what a crisp awakening. everyone scrambled into the waters as i did, and we headed out over the deeper cooler stretches, and towards to glistening formations on the far side.

tonight's homework:

keep to the plan, and allow time and energy for snacks and a walk around the block. everything is going to be fine.