" jumping into the deepest end. "


sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, "how the eff did i end up here?"

it can be because you find yourself on top of a mountain, or in a bureaucratic office environment, or swimming in a greek ocean, or on a very small rickety passenger plane with the windows open.

sometimes you'll be in the middle of an argument, perhaps of or not of your own creation, and the only thought going through your head is, "i do not want to be here right now." and that would be a fine thought, if you weren't in the thick of the thickness.

a better way to have a realization of a surprise, is to remain on the positive side of it all; the positive and alluringly exciting side of that good good part of life. the part with hugs and laughter, with finding money on the ground, with running through an open field with no cares or worries, with a long gaze at the evolving sunset until it shifts into an evolving twilight.

there are so many more important places to be, than in a heated dispute about anything. it is our task to remain vigilant, know the signs, recognize the patterns, skirt the danger, and then if affected in the slightest, let it go once over.

there is very little time left to do everything you wish to do; why spend it fretting and worrying and fighting and scuffling. i'm going to remove myself from all instances of this, and step away smiling.

tonight's homework:

do your best to live up to your own standards of congeniality, decency, and personability. then find someone you respect, and ask them what you can do to improve upon those attributes. we can lift each other up at all times.