" nothing wasted "


you see the good in people. like finding those glistening jewels in a mountain of coal. you can see into the heart of someone's intentions, and this is a gift. this is a blessing. this is a way of seeing.

others will tell you that there are many evils which linger inside of those around us. the truth is those attributes exist as a potential in all of us. it's not unkind to say that we all have a potential for greed, for jealousy, for lying to our loved ones, for stealing for our own benefit, for actively hurting those we love the most.

the thing that you bring to the conversation, is you see through all of those brambles and thorns. you see through the darkness and the obstacles which obscure true nature. your talents allow you to peer beyond the surface, and immerse yourself into the moment.

what you must do now is lift everyone up, without putting everyone down. you are timeless, and that urge to help others and show kindness is finally coming to your aide in and through difficult times.

it will be a hard road ahead, but i trust and believe in you to the fullest. i am wishing you the very best of luck.

tonight's homework:

push-ups until you cannot, jumping jacks until your legs buckle, and spinning in a circle until all endorphins are released and you cannot help but giggle your way out of the rotations.