" two faces, four eyes "


you must try with every fiber of your Self to do good in the world. do good, be good, share goodness, spread the love into the world.

so many people are suffering. so many people are living their lives for ill wills, or to the detriment of others, or in a manner befitting most of the scum-sucking leeches variety...and that does a disservice to actual scum-sucking leeches.

petty arguments which become disagreements which become shouting matches which become feuds which become ten-year wars which become the end of us - the end of humanity - is not worth it in the least. no one wins. we all lose.

it does take a vast amount of strength, character, insight into what drives the heart, what drives the spirit, what drives your interests in existing in the world, and as a citizen of this planet. it takes a lot. and to flex that intuition and compassion gives you sight beyond sight, heart beyond heart, and understanding beyond understanding.

and in the end, the person which you would like to be, will eventually be the person with whom everyone will experience. they will see your truths and true nature. they will see your compassion and love, your calm moments and your addictive joys.

tonight's homework:

deep breathing, calm meditation, a moment of reflection and thanks, simple dinner, glasses of water, sleep at a normal hour, dreams of the ocean or nature or anything you like.