" dancing like a promise "


don't worry about it. no one is even looking at you.

you think everyone in the world is slowly turned towards you, regarding you, judging you, and what you say has immediate meaning and sentiment. perhaps it is not true, and perhaps it is all true.

if you begin like this, you will fail. you must have patience, humility, grace, strength of character, and ultimately a voice.

don't make it your voice, if you are using someone else's melody. don't sing the song and claim it as yours; recognize the origin of things, and recognize those who came before us.

they say to dance like no one is watching.

live your life like no one is watching. to do anything else opens a door for scrutiny which can cripple creativity.

no one is watching, yet.

live that life.

tonight's homework:

get a haircut you hippie, or in the least, take a shower and don't forget to be liberal with the soap.