" consider yourself a point of light "


we take our chances, on ourselves and on others. first to depend on the Self to form its own truth, its own direction, its own sense of being. second to depend on others to provide safety, support, sanctuary, and sometimes a place to thrive.

the dark night becomes a blazing morning, becomes a sumptuous evening becomes a twilight.

whither we go, out into the world. we fill our hearts with the galaxy, and take in the energies of forming nebulas. our cells and atoms ache for creation, expansion, decay, and regeneration. 

we are the land clutching to the surface of this planet, unable to forget or let go.

we are the oceans whose vast and voluminous waters caress and clutch to the land like a deep longing.

we are the skies and heavens glistening and beaming, whose bright light extends around all things who will face it.

we are the animals, insects, flora, and fauna. we inhabit the planet with our presence, and reverberate through time, infinite and pulsing.

tonight's homework:

tonight's homework will become the week and a couple days homework, as i am off to seek beauty and truths in far flung places. the task at hand is to challenge yourself. in all matters.

take it upon yourself to start something, anything creative and in support of expression. inspire someone or be inspired, and share it with anyone who would listen. do that for me, for yourself, and it returns to you tenfold.

take care of yourself, and i'll share some of my travels in the place of my normal posts, until i return.