" time slows down: a dream "


the fourth dimension rears and buckles as the walls of the structure rumble and shake. you're looking around to find that all of the lamps are not operational. there is a blackness beyond any blackness you've before experienced. you are alone.

you're sitting on the floor on a pillow facing a single beam of light. well, not a beam, but more like a tall strand of light, thin and luminous and in striking contrast to the infinite nothingness. you begin to walk towards this stalk of light energy, seemingly standing aloft with no help or visible field supporting or shaping it.

it seems as if you've been walking forever, and the goal of determining what that light is, is beginning to fade. what time is it? what day is it? what year is it? forward momentum has either ramped up, stalled to a lull, or ceased to exist at all.

all of a sudden,  there are voices..voices all around. you think they're hostile at first, because of the distance, but as you quiet your mind, you notice that they're closer, surrounding you. they are right next to your face. they are whispering.

you are running toward the light sliver, and it is beginning to grow brighter and brighter. at a full pace, you are closing in on it. the top of it elongating now upwards and beyond comprehension. the width of it expanding, losing its rigidity, and now spilling open like water flowing from a burst dam.

you are bathed in light, and the whispers combine and nestle into one sweet soft voice.

the curtains slide open, and the sunlight of a full morning is beginning to slip up from the horizon, from the sill, and into the room. there are tinges of blues, pinks, purples, and a flare of orange licking the sky. you feel her breath in your ear as she whispers good morning.

you're awake, and you are beyond time.

tonight's homework:

don't bother setting an alarm if you're going to snooze your life away. make a decision and do your best to stick to it.