" onion peel life "


we try our best, through mistakes, mishaps, misjudgements, and ultimately a moment of clarity. revelations in a sea of darkness. we try our best.

there are layers and layers in our lives. the past and how it informs and reinforces, sometimes how it misinforms and leaves us scattered. the present and the fruit of the tree of desperation at times; how sweet and seductive it is to not take responsibility, but you are left living an untruthful life.

and the future. ever becoming, ever flowing, and always within its arms the opportunity for improvement and reinvention. we look forward to the future, and in doing so make a plea to the heavens, to the deities, and to one another, to do better, be better, and lean from the past to the present.

we give ourselves second, third, fourth, and fifth chances because things you love deserve reconciliation. they deserve respect, to be named aloud, to be held up into the light, and to be given a full weight of care and trust.

from the heart to a heart, from a brain to a brain, from the in to the out, and make sure these thoughts and feelings take flight towards a receptive audience. this is what my days are now. this is what my life is now.

to look forward with joy and hopes, and to take care.

tonight's homework:

speak true, but choose your words carefully when truths are on your lips.