" teeter totter "


the winds change and the seasons shift. even within ourselves, we have times of shifts and changes; some broad and vast, some minute and miniscule.

what is important to note, is that change is inevitable. all manner of changes and alterations to our plans in the day, work, love, life. it is not up to us to divert the path, but embrace these temperaments and find the reciprocal angles of engagement.

we spend so much of our time fighting against ourselves. we look to our perceived shortcomings as weaknesses, and our perceived confidences as strengths. perhaps what we fail to discern in these definitions, is that we are human, and we are fallible creatures.

we are animal, and we are not perfect. but within that sentiment, we are perceptive in ways that very few species on this planet are. we are capable of so much in our burden and release of self-awareness. we can make differences in the lives of those we love, of those we do not know, in the communities we live in, in the states, countries, continents.

each of us has so much to offer, at times all it takes is a belief in oneself, and the courage to flex beyond expectations. to live any other way denies the true power of our near-limitless potential.

tonight's homework:

have a think about it, maybe even sleep on it, but in the morning, be ready to have an opinion either way, and then do something about it.