" that silver lining "


when it rains it pours, and when it pours, you have to get wet. good energies and hopes mixed with a dash of dreamery can go a long way in staving off the gloom and doom of casual to serious cynicism.

you learn to embrace the raindrops and slip in between the downpour. you learn and adapt, and see through the veil of reality. there are hidden doorways to the truth. there are passageways to such bliss, such happiness.

you can break on through with the right motivation, and what riches are on the other side of this dismal shadow. 

there is a love so strong, it lifts you up from the face of te earth, defies gravity, and brings you aloft into and above the clouds into a light of such brilliance, it defies all manner of negative thought and emotion.

tonight's homework:

believe believe believe, then make positive and forwarding changes in your life for the better. it is never too late.