" wide shot "


when it is all coming at you rapid fire, and you're not sure where you stand, what is happening, what is going to happen...these are defining moments where lizard brain lights up, and we make decisions based on pure instinct. and sometimes that instinct is correct, and sometimes we are not wrong per se, but not altogether right.

calm is a hard state of being to be in, when your blood is boiling, the heat from your skin makes your body clammy and tight, and it becomes increasingly harder to navigate the emotional and physical storms. better yet, a state of calm on a spectrum of super chill at one end and high-strung on the other, seems as if it could be an attainable sense of Self...if only the world were more forthcoming with information and perspective.

nothing really is supremely easy at all times, but aren't some of the most hard things to deal with in the world, the easiest to define? isn't an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia and lesser-than self-worth enough fuel to a fire of redemption, reinvention, and a dowsing rod to solace?

we need to pull back, to take time, to slow down, to breathe easier, to see that not only is everything less chaotic up close, but everything becomes known in stark relief given the right amount of distance.

all you need is not a physical distance, but a distance defined by time to resolve issues of doubt, of carelessness, and of tumult. we are not solely defined by our mistakes ar bouts of lashing out into the winds. we can also be wrong and right at the same time. we can also be heroic and scared at the same time.

we can also find a love for ourselves and others at the same time. all you need to empower you is the belief that you can. and you can overcome most anything.

tonight's homework:

make sure the shoes fit, because the walk is potentially of an undefinable length, and it never hurts to be prepared for everything.