" a season for growing "


in each moment forward, we gain not only seconds in this life, but knowledge, information gathering, cautionary tales, and recipes for enlightenment. it's not enough to think that you know everything there is to know. 

humble yourself to the fact that no one person knows it all, not even the deity of the almighty internet. we live, we learn, we progress, and we share with one another. this is the old ways, the ancient ways that have become lost in the warming sterile glow of the present future.

we used to have mentors. we used to have real-world-education. we used to speak with each other and swap skills. to survive meant to interact and know, really know someone. i am doing my best to look to the old ways now; to glean and listen and archive and store information spoken by the lips, and shared by the heart.

tonight's homework:

make a short lesson plan for no one in particular. teach, not preach, to someone today. share with them a skill or story, and reconnect with the planetary saga.