" and then it all comes together "


fresh curtains swaying in the breeze of a morning; the windows opened wide, and the early chill to the day warming with the rise of the glowing sun.

a shower in the early afternoon, right as the best slices of sunbeams are spilling in through the window. warm rays dance and are refracted in the shower-spray, causing a fireworks display of water droplets which burst with energy, then drizzle down along the tiled walls.

all of the cereal in the bowl remains crunchy with a little sweet milk sheen over each piece. each spoonful delicious. all the milk gone with the last of the bits.

a true moment of connection, mutual recognition, an infinite point of time along a line, an emotion tied to a place tied to a person tied to an experience tied to a memory, burning brightly and constant.

tonight's homework:

make a wishlist, but save that money. if it exists in the world, there is no rush to have it now. cultivate your patience.