" it happens how it happens "


the beat drops and the light lingers tenuously on the edges of your eyelashes, like a glowing halo shimmering in the periphery. everything converges into a single moment and snap, the exposure is made. the dream-vision made eternal. the notion becomes a fixture.

unless it doesn't.

all the best laid plans and such, and how dismal the knowledge of the futility of attempting to encourage anything other than a complete blackness. mechanical failure for sure, but how much it feels like a user failure. a talent failure. a heart failure.

lift up though, in the face of one disappointment. the experience of shooting itself a reward, and in each press of the shutter. you will progress and evolve, despite the outcome. you have a vision beyond the mechanical, and there's always another frame to make, if you want there to be one.

tonight's homework:

let an old friend know that you're thinking of them.