" thirty seconds to wonder "


a beguiling twilight awaited me on the rooftop. the long silver expanse of reflective paint shimmered in the light pollution of the city, and puddles dappled throughout.

a rickety stool provided a spectacular makeshift tripod, and knees became the stabilizers.

using all of my experience with this camera, i made some adjustments, depressed the shutter and held it down alongside my breath.

the sounds of airplanes overhead roared into the cold winds. christmas lights flickered to my left, and music played through an open window.

i felt the time hold, expand, and then reach the point where the heart's intuition meets the skilled guess. i let go, and whispered a promise to myself that i would be proud of the result.

tonight's homework:

trust yourself in all matters until you are proven wrong. it is a blessing to be proven wrong if you are wrong. know your Self more and more each day. improve, evolve, endlessly become.