" a discussion of a waning summer "


we spent the vast expanse of the summer stepping elegantly forward and out of our skins. we became more our truer selves in those long hours. the evenings always felt stretched out and delicious like a banquet of time.

there were those long humid nights spent laying out on the blankets in the park. music dwindled and lingered on the still air, then shifted and dissipated on an unexpected breeze.

all the days seemed to be broiling and of that golden hour; the hour of memory, the hour of closeness, of affection and strawberry lemonade. our joys elongated to the tympani of whimsically shaped ice pieces clinking against sweating cocktail glasses. 

it was a truly memorable time, marked by such exploration, such happiness, and such release.

tonight's homework:

leave your place of residence, gather up friends and family, sweethearts and lovers, and make a touchstone memory to sustain you when the seasons shift and leave all of this beauty behind.