" a supposed separation of worlds "


try as you might, you will probably make friends with those who you work with. while not entirely a requirement for the modern job, traditional or otherwise, a friendly nature and calm demeanor in the face of personal life emotions and the like, is an important attribute to have.

we would like to believe that we can exist in a place of business, of troubleshooting, commerce, retail, and if lucky, creativity, without having an effect on one another, but you will find yourself changed.

as a member of society, of the human race, and of a singularly interesting member of the species on the planet, how could you resist the opportunity to find commonality amongst your coworkers and daresay colleagues and peers? it is inevitable that you would have to speak casually, conversationally, personably, with at least one if not two persons. why remain mysterious?

you can make true connections without being without a sense of privacy. you may find such commonality, that you begin as strangers in a space and time in the universe, and end up the closest of friends. just you see. make an effort to find out at least one commonality with someone at your place of employ. seek out a connection, however peripheral or surface.

these are the embers which stoke the fire of our humanity.

tonight's homework:

one glass of water to every spirit imbibed.