" a balanced elegance "


we're wrestling and at odds with so many factors all at the same time. light and dark, good and evil, the right and wrong things. these are the general categories which dictate our mood, politic, and lifestyle to certain degrees.

this afternoon i received a rejection letter from a certain contest i entered. my face went flush with disappointment and my heart sank, but that it was composed in that way...that way where the writer has found a series of words which when strung together, give the semblance -f consideration, respect, and a true chance.

and maybe i did have a chance. maybe i still do have a chance. what is the power of a rejection letter, in the light of the fact that i put myself out there for al to see, for all to judge, and for all to take notice?

spending so much time on the negative outcomes only diminishes the real accomplishments. the fact that you stepped forward, engaged the world and its people, found creative collaborators, and together made something new to put into the world.

however the reception of the work did or did not hit, the fact that the work itself exists is almost enough to reinvigorate the spirit. almost enough. and maybe today that is enough to keep optimistic. to keep positive. to not let faceless incites get in the way of a truer feeling of self-worth.

though it is aways difficult to hear that you or the rom you have presented was not up to snuff, to feel that disappointment for more than a few moments will dishonor the true intent. let the feelings rise and develop, plateau, resonate, then wash away. tomorrow is another day to craft a better understanding of existence on the planet, and i'm very much looking forward to every second.

tonight's homework:

gather up your negative thoughts and shout them into the wind. absolve yourself of past transgressions, and sleep a restorative sleep of healing energies.