" a clarity "


making new friends and keeping the old, developing my kinships beyond the fold.

how silent the world gets when you feel as if you are alone. and truly, you are never alone in this world. at least one person has your back; a family member, a friend, a stranger even. even if it's just one person, you can find a common ground while you both explore your empathy.

these old friends and how much they are diamonds gleaming in the shadowy gray blur of those less-than day-to-day times. they for me become lighthouses and home base, safety net and open arms, lingering eye contact and extended hug.

all those pop songs, the sickly sweet crooning, the tales of lights in the darkness, the tales of you-got-a-friends, these ring so true even if a little saccharine. the sentiment is spot on. the sense of closeness and intimacy is pitch perfect, and i am here for you.

tonight's homework:

when you're missing someone or feel out of sorts, remember that you could go outside of yourself, out of your boundaries of loneliness, and seek out your peeps. they'll always have your back and be there for the hard times if you're down, and the up times when making merriment. what a comforting thought!