" a divine becoming "


after so much frustration, static, white noise, and clutter, it is time to take back your life. i'm not trying to placate to any hierarchy, structure, responsibility, or authority before my own sense of wellbeing.

 it's time to get seriously inward, selfishly inward, like a vortex or a black hole collapsing. doing stuff for me, eating that good life stuff, showering at all hours, biking around the city with only a ride in mind, no destination necessary.

gonna attend outdoor screenings in public parks, gonna day drink and nap in the shade of a beautiful afternoon, gonna binge-watch whatever the eff, gonna walk from the tip of the top to the low of the bottom, gonna walk don't run, gonna photograph all over this MerFer, gonna live and sing and love and converse and eat bread and cheese and make noise!

i have a lot of shit to get to, and it's a good thing there's plenty of time left to do them in. what's next?

tonight's homework:

nachos, then laying on the floor, then flooreoke (floor karaoke). workweek of blah over and out.