" a framework "


in between the times where we make a living just to be able to be free to create, you must begin to make lists. things to purchase, things to eat, places to go, countries to travel to, clothing you want to purchase, people you want to see or meet.

it's endless pondering and a constant reorganization of your interests and those things which motivate you to move forward. we are becoming more ourselves each day, and if you can expand on how you are evolving as a person in the world, you can tame the anxiety of being untethered.

the freedom will come when you have the right cache of supplies, fellow adventurous at our side, and the loose plan to interact with all this world has to offer. it's going to be an amazing lifelong journey. remember to bring a writing instrument or a compass. or not!

tonight's homework:

spin the globe, close your eyes, hold out your finger, and let it land on the surface. consider the location and make preparations.