" a shifting of newness "


dear all,

i would like to announce that i have been working on introducing new content on my site.

i find myself the sort of photographer who mostly finds the most satisfaction and reward when working on personal projects and collaborations, though usually edit in seclusion.

i find myself overwhelmed by the increase in demand for new content to continuously and relentlessly refresh itself each second with each click. for myself, there has been less and less expectation for new content, and more emphasis in genuine moments.

after spending the long holiday weekend really hunkering down on my new images, i'm finding that electric sense of discovery again. so much so that i wish to share with you all a few of these new images as i remap my site.

mostly portraits, i think it's been clear for a while that in all the arts of work i find myself doing, it's the subject of the human that i gravitate towards. we're so strange and lovely, curious, devious and filled with secrets.

the beautiful part of rediscovering myself in my own work, is that it bestows great strength and confidence that i have been able to maintain a persistence of vision, and having fun at the same time.

so please enjoy some of my new 120 work for the next couple weeks as i muss around with the behind-the-scenes of my site. it'll be less revamp or broad stroke, and more culling, editing, and refining.

thank you so much for your continued support.

c. bay

tonight's homework:

if you find yourself unable to sleep at three in the morning due to humidity, a racing mind, and site-mapping, make sure to drink plenty of water, stretch your body, and allow yourself to catch up to your synapses. amazing things are always afoot, and we're all eager to share in them.