" all of my stuff "


i should be so lucky to have the issue of too much stuff. considered a pile of junk, of tchotchkes sentimental or otherwise. it is a privilege to have such a problem, and i make note of it as my eyes look around my room and belongings therein.

when you suddenly have a realization that your room is messy, or that you have so many shirts, or a pile of papers just becomes an amorphous pulpy living sculpture, it's time for a reckoning of sorts.

take a look, a real look at those items which you have a true emotional tie to. some are the most important small glass bottle or ticket stub or grubby nubby golf pencil. so silly and yet retains such significance. these are the things which remind us of a time when we were in love the most, or strongest, or the closest to a constant state of bliss.

do not feel bad at all in the recalling of those memories and feelings. they were real times which made and continue to make a real impact on who you are, how the manner in which you treat those people you hold dear, and how you navigate these shifting waters at all times.

now it is going to be a time to pare down, specialize, get down to the marrow to the atoms, the electrons and the quarks. it is not the amount of stuff you have around you, it is the quality of life it enriches. and i aim to be a more-than of heart and an eventual less-than of property.

hold these items in your hands, or slip on the clothing and embody that sensation, and relive that event for the last time in that way. they have had their moment, and are now anchors and weights upon our soul. respecting the origin of their arrival into our life, and holding onto the memory, we are now able to let the physical objects go out of our life.

and it will be fine.

tonight's homework:

you can do it.