" all the light in the day "


faint whispers among the poppies brushing against one another in the high sun and the nigh-still breeze. the day feels as if it hasn't begun, is over, never happened, and always was.

if this time is of such a manner, then this would be my hello and my until we meet again. all the happiness of discovery, the pain of departure, and all the topsy turvy thumb-twiddling exploration thinking of the right words to say making plans and getting by in between are all right now. 

in this way, you remain steadfast and held true in my memory like a blazing beacon. a reminder and constant that we were there together, in that field when there was nothing but mountains and streams, golden hills, rock formations, nature and the endless blue all around us for miles and miles.

perhaps this is the moment, the only moment which ever existed, and all the elements here are all the matter in the universe. this time is all time, and everything else is a dream.

tonight's homework:

before you sit down to watch tv or stream programs through your various devices, take one to five minutes and just look out the front door, window, or even stand out on the street. just take a look at life outside of your bubble, and for those precious minutes, think about how amazing it has all been, and continues to be. then you know, do your thang.