" a moment before what's to come "


body sore and filled with aches from sitting and editing. malnourished, dehydrated, eyes blinking less while allowing more phosphors to radiate from monitor directly into my brainstem.

it's a shock that i lasted this long. laying down felt nice for a moment, a quick cold shower to reinvigorate the senses and constitution, and now looking outside my windows, i can see it is one of the most ideal hot, sunny, slightly breezy, humid summer sundays.

trying to actively get work done on such a day like this is a self-imposed torture, but i know it pays off in the end. no one knows or cares to know what a creative does away from the time you see them in person. they all require results and a gradual increase in output, speed, and quality.

and though it remains tough, i relish in the opportunity to factor in my own growth, satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment. get the job done on the day off, to live for the week and take care of the tasks which lay ahead, to take care of business on the next days off, lather, rinse, repeat.

tonight's homework:

fall in love with the process and get your hands dirty. take breaks every so often to hydrate, shower, and remember to pee. intense creativity often leads to skirting personal hygiene.