" a moment enters and exits "


here, then not here, the spectral once-lingering ideas, the inspirations, the glimmers of genius. one has to harken the presence of life-altering moments, then take hold of them.

clutch them within your mind, write them down, make good on your promises to uphold their truths. we are lost momentarily when searching for the last wisps of such situations.

something moves you intensely and changes your entire trajectory. know it, be a witness to it. embrace and name it aloud.

you are marked with this flush, and it's vibrancy sears itself into your soul. you know you are never able to deny how you have transformed.

tonight's homework:

try to begin a journal, notebook, google doc, or audio recording archive of all the dreams you can remember from now on. the dissection of dreams can be serious work, weird aftermaths of strange tales, and curious overlapping of every moment that you have experienced in your entire life. dare to delve into your dreams, and find yourself inside of yourself.