" and life went on "


the hurricane touted did not make landfall as expected. and this was welcomed news.

we ventured out into the world with hesitant movements and our arms folded around our waistlines.

with the promise of warmth, we sought out the house with the most light emanating. invited inside by good-hearted familiar strangers, the night waxed on despite the gloomy looming cover.

clouds gathered in voluminous quantities, and remained amorphous gray ethereal globules until the mark of night. returning home was like a delicate walk upon a crystalline pane of wet glass, with our headlamps shining through the raindrops like two glistening beacons.

tonight's homework:

i am planning to take a break from my blogging for the duration of a week, maybe longer. i just need some time to adjust to the abruptness of this current season's shifts.

it seems that a supermoon passing o'er and a dynamic weather-front prove to create the desire to hibernate and gather oneself. i hope to have your audience when i next make an appearance.

until that time, start or continue your doodles, recycle those used sheets of paper into scratchpads, and record your dreams for future analysis. you are beautiful.