" animal kingdom "


the natural order, and making the attempt at making sense of it all. where do i fit in? who is an alpha, and are there any zetas? does it matter? why not reel in the beauty of the full day just for a minute; the sky glows and deepens in color, then blackened and pinprick'd the heavens reveal themselves. who can deny the awesomeness of this life?

feeling the dips and hollows of my skull with my eyes closed. the completeness of my body and the structure within. seeing where the skin meets the muscle meets the bone meets the spirit, and how we are anchored by these forms, and released by the imagination.

listening to an NPR program where the term"kaizen" is referenced and defined broadly as meaning, "continuous improvement." knowing that i too am seeking a sense of kaizen in my life, and the thought that i am driven and fueled by the parameters of this concept, even before knowing what it has been called in other languages. maybe i need to learn more languages.

all the animals in the garden are set loose, and mingling although encouraged may prove deadly. but how i am up for this daily activity; to seek and find more meaning in this existence. to know of a way, and continuously stray from the path, only to find myself criss-crossing it over again throughout all time.

tonight's homework:

keep asking the questions, and make it a to-do to seek out answers, even if you never find them satisfactory enough; create your own answers, and find a state of bliss.