" advice on being human: update "


werd werd, the project is coming along nicely. i am hoping that i can have this at least up before the end of the year.

big ups to my small group of awesome volunteers helping me to transcribe the interviews. you all are my peanut butter & jelly, and my jazz jam.

the images are developed and soon to be scanned. thank you again to all the participants for your participation and candor.

trying to sift through all the available options for presentation on the site, and whether to present audio clips as well. hmm...

after the next phase, which i believe will be the last phase, i am readying a book template of this project, of which i hope to make available to any and all interested parties.

if anyone would lake to participate in the next version of "advice on being human," please feel free to contact me! cool cool, until then, make sure you do all you can to follow through on your dream-realizations; everything is happening all the time, and i believe in you.