" art echo echo "


thank you so very much and big ups to heather hart for the opportunity to participate in this latest iteration of BARTERTOWN at the brooklyn museum. it is an event which i have covered and documented in year's past, but never participated in.

what a joy and humbling wonder, the chance to connect with the public, fellow artists and makers, and really test the quality of my artistic mettle. all those moments of self-doubt, procrastination, idea-forming/idea-rejecting, and finally honing in on a version of a template worth pursuing.

each time i had a person at my table it was amazing. so many simple things, eye contact, the willingness to be a part of something new and strange, and yet allow yourself to be open and vulnerable. i owe so much to the participants, and hope they too had a great experience.

to know your voice has been heard, and those interactions become golden, unique, singular, and ultimately cherished, it moves the feeling of appreciation from articulate to a flurry of feelings and emotions washing over your entire being in the most alluring and glorious of ways.

and i hope to finish this mini-project by the end of the year, and perhaps continue and extend it in the future.

tonight's homework:

make something. you may break something, but take great care and in the least make the effort. the rewards are nigh endless and will sustain you long after the moment of creation has elapsed.