" asking for nothing in return "


sometimes i feel like i'm living parallel to my own life. some version of me is out there, doppleganger'd and known, seen, heard, and revered. these, being attributes i've never really desired, this other self would surely have these in his life.

how many times have i seen the threshold only to remain overly cautious? how many chances did i blow and let pass me by? how many times did i stifle my innate sense of voice and back down? where are my victories, my successes, my rewards and assets?

to know that all that i do not possess exists as a possibility, means that it should be only a simple flip of a switch in my head to turn a fear into a bravery, a silence into a defined shout, a sheepish shoe shuffle into a striding gait.

but life is not so black and white, this or that, or "what if?" we still reside in the shifting beauty of the in between, the shades of gray, the secondary color spectrums, and the place in which decisions may shift throughout the time it takes for the choice you make appears.

i feel like i've revisiting old paths, and reevaluating old passages. i've seen this road before, and the familiarity is both terrifying and entrancing. my heart is full, my intent steadfast, my passions aroused, my will unfettered.

it is a new day. i am here and present, exposed and vulnerable to all matters of this world. i will stop denying myself the world while still offering it to others. i do not need material riches, just the opportunity to touch people's lives. i do not need fame or glory; to be remembered fondly with love that is true by a single person on this planet, grants me an elation that is pure gold and evergreen.

tonight's homework:

believe in your gifts and share them. believe in your good nature and constantly push yourself to be a better human being. believe that you are seen, heard, and revered, and that your life has a deeper meaning than the constraints of your own definition.