" a shimmer like none other "


in the northeast, a chilling coldsnap like none other before will hit today and throughout this week. such an ice from the clutches of the elements and straight through to the marrow of the bone.

but what memory is recently created and remembered in a swirl, of warmer days. of days filled with creation, creativity, a blazing sun, a gentle lull on the breeze, and a loving cloak of an afternoon spent expressing and collaborating.

these winds bluster and howl, slice and burn, and with frigid long fingers attempts to take away all hopes and joys.

knowing those long golden days existed, were real, had weight, and bore such a wealth of fruit, means that despite all drastic shifts in temperature and location, i have something to keep my soul warm.

tonight's homework:

recall a powerful and comforting memory to get you through the harder times.