" a thick memory, thinly spread "


sunday opens with a bright full sunrise, and escalates throughout the day into a definition of an entire season.

the flowers explode like a thousand fireworks and weigh the slender branches down to almost the sidewalks. succulent saturated vibrant petals brush agains the brick walls, and every single person you see on the street has a smiling face, full and beaming like the sun on earth.

children run along the long blocks in open-toed clasped sandals and dirty sneakers, the ice cream drip stained fronts of their shirts clinging to their energetic lithe bodies. this is a day that no one will contest as a template of spring.

old growth mingles with new growth. birds linger at the tops of the branches at the height of each tree, surveying everything in their world, and knowing that they could fly to absolutely everywhere.

in the parks, there are a handful of colorful blankets overlapping one another, dozens of groups of friends relaxing, drinking, snacking, playing music, holding each other, absorbing all the benefits of a life lived.

there is enough of everything to go around, and i already know this is a day which will extend in my heart well past the length of its tenure. the evening brings with is a slight warm breeze, a molten sunset dipping into a deep purple twilight into a nighttime sky; one in which even the light pollution cannot outshine the ferocity of shimmering stars galaxies away.

tonight's homework:

remember, recant, record, retell, repeat.