" a thousand times yes "


we were there before. the waters came into the shoreline slow and ululated in long swells. waves rose up at the last minute like a pouncing flashy flotilla of unfurling sails, due to the sandbars created during the storm a few years back.

i slept on the beach and nestled into the warm granules, our bright star cooking my oiled skin. children laughed as they fell over each other, tumbling and falling in the uneven terrain.

i left everyone behind on the blankets and made my way down to the cool waters. the sun was descending and the waves crashed harder yet.

i ran full speed into the depth and waded out, looking for a choice arc to ride. as the perfect high beauty approached in the slowest of motions, i felt the ocean lapping over my body and i glided inland like a glistening shimmer.

surely, we all had one of the most defining best days of the summer, and nothing would ever take that away.

tonight's homework:

live that life!