" a week of migraines "


while not entirely debilitating or kaleidoscopic in nature, i have had a migraine steadily throbbing on the back of the left side of my skull for so long now. it subsides and ebbs, then rages back and the dense ache slips between the musculature and into my neck, down past the shoulder blade, and rests in the left flank of my hip.

maybe this is the feeling of coming home and not knowing what direction to go in. maybe this is the physical manifestation of doubt and worry. and perhaps if i can find the strength to actually take a step forward, this blood fever will depressurize.

at present all my working theories lean towards rest, hydration, calm, and lots of sleep. when i wake up next, i hope that all of the good will i've been paying forward to those around me and to myself, will pay off in a healthful body, clear mind, and a definite direction forward.

tonight's homework:

take care of yourself as well. hot tea, cozy up, star trek marathons, fresh fruits, sleep, lots of sleep. you can't take care of other if you are not tip top.