" baroque midst the beaux-arts "


the house lights flicker softly and dim by half their strength. a hush of whispers permeate the wide room, and the velvet-lined furnishings absorb errant laughter.

sniffles and coughs counterpoise a now looming sense of calm and murmuring, and you can feel a tightness in the air accented by anticipation.

looking above, one can see a crystalline structure of such elegance that it becomes the beacon of all good things. fixing my gaze on its fractured geometry, i feel my mind loosen into dreams, and everything becomes possible.

this in between time expands and expands. the sounds all drop away into the shadows and the world goes silent, save a single piercingly uplifting tone from an unseen oboe.

tonight's homework:

stay warm, think good thoughts, share memories and dreams alike. sleep well.