" behold and lo "


when living in a seasonal part of the world, does your body begin to exhibit the same attributes? are you stronger physically during the winter, in order to be more resilient? are your legs more prone to muscle-building in the height of summer, the heat waves and dense humidity allowing the blood to flow more vigorously through your arteries.

do your emotions begin to shift seasonally? are we really more depressed in the extended snowfall and more gleeful at the break of spring. does our love blossom and bloom after the months of our feelings being planted deep below the surface?

does your spirit soar in fall, shedding the heavy weight of a cycle off of our shoulders, and lean hard into the wind? will we find that we are stronger than we believe because of this cyclical lifestyle, one which is out of our control?

questions, always questions, and always the attempt to maintain the semblance of control in our own lives. when on this side of the country, i always thought about how great being in a seasonal environment is, but never what the long-term effects of one was.

would i even miss it if and when i move away from the is curious city?

tonight's homework:

tell old man winter to beat it; his work is done, and no one likes a lingerer.